Wealth Management

A Word about Wills

Keep control over your property… even after you’re gone.

The MBT Wealth Management Group can assist clients in identifying attorneys knowledgeable in estate planning, or consult with your family attorney to ensure that your property and wealth is distributed in accordance with your wishes.     

Features and Benefits

  • May help reduce future expenses and taxes.
  • The power to select the people and organizations you choose to receive your property.
  • Choose the person you wish to be guardian for your unmarried children under 18 in the event there is no surviving parent.
  • Name the person or Trust company that you wish to manage your affairs after your death.
  • Potential to avoid or minimize taxes your family may owe on the transfer of your assets. 


The information above is not intended, nor should it be used, as a substitute for the advice of an attorney, estate or tax planner, whose advice should be sought to review your personal circumstances and goals.

Monroe Bank & Trust does not provide legal services but will consult with your attorney regarding appropriate estate planning options for your wills and similar attorney-produced documents.


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