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What You Need To Know About Overdrafts and Overdraft Fees

We encourage good record keeping, but we realize mistakes happen to everyone - a checkbook error, an unrecorded ATM withdrawal, and so on. For years, we have striven to authorize everyday debit card and ATM transactions when insufficient funds exist in our customers’ accounts. We believe this service is important to save you from the embarrassment of a declined card while also allowing you to purchase the products or services you were attempting to buy – especially in an emergency.  

Learn more about MBT’s Overdraft Program (PDF)

Important Notes:  After clicking "Submit" your browser will return to this page.  Please scroll down to the form area below.  If the form was completed properly, you will see a confirmation reference number.  If the form contained errors, you will be instructed to correct the original inputs and re-submit.  You may call the MBT Customer Service Center at 800-321-0032 for real-time assistance.

Mail In Form:  If you feel more comfortable mailing your OPT IN decision to MBT, please Click Here to download and print the mail version.  Mail to:  Overdraft Opt-In, Monroe Bank & Trust, 102 East Front Street, Monroe, MI  48161.

You may reconsider and change your decision at any time. 





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