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Home Equity lending allow you to use the money you've put in to your home to pay for a wide variety of large purchases. Cars, boats, home furnishings and home repairs, bill consolidation, the list goes on. You've worked hard to pay for your home. Get creative with how it can pay you back. 

  • Borrow up to 85% of the equity in your home! An extremely affordable financing option with low minimum monthly payments.
  • Fast turnaround times mean you don’t have to wait to make your purchases.
  • Use for a variety of purchases: cars, boats, recreational vehicles, home furnishings, loans, lawn and garden, bill consolidation and more.
  • MBT Home Equity Lines of Credit come with a convenient easy to use debit card and offer an extremely affordable financing option -some with interest-only payments. You'll also enjoy No loan processing fee, no application fee and no annual fee! Plus with a convenient easy to use debit card .
  • MBT Home Equity Loans have short and long-term fixed rates, providing predictable monthly payments.

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* Loan rates vary by product, down payment, credit score and other criteria. It is the reader's responsibility to confirm or verify any rates, fees or penalties with the Bank by contacting the Customer Service Center at 800-321-0032, or online at www.mbandt.com by completing and submitting the Contact form which may be accessed from any website page. All products and services are subject to approval.  

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