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Streamline, consolidate and accelerate your receivables

Monroe Bank & Trust offers comprehensive, effective solutions that maximize your cash flow. Receive and clear payments faster, as well as more securely and cost effectively while providing your customers with more convenient and flexible payment options. 


ACH Collections

Does your business need a simple, streamlined way to manage incoming transactions? MBT's Automated Clearing House Collection Services, allows your customers to authorize electronic debits from their accounts when payments are due, reducing late payments.

  • Improved forecasting with scheduled payment collections.
  • Operational efficiency and accuracy over manual check processing.
  • Fast conversion of receipts to cash flow cuts down float time.
  • Ideal for recurring customer invoicing for gym memberships, lawn services and other companies collecting payments on a regular basis.

merchant card services

Simple Solutions for Payment Processing. Put MBT’s flexible processing solutions to work for your company. Enjoy fast, efficient and convenient payment processing while reducing float time and maximizing your money.

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  • Accept any major credit card for payments.
  • Options for processing payments include stand-alone electronic data capture terminals,  mobile processing, and over the internet. 
  • Funds can be credited as soon as the next business days after purchase.

Remote Deposit capture

Take advantage of the ultimate in banking convenience with eBusiness Deposit. By equipping your office with a secure desktop scanner and the software to run it, we enable you to make your business deposits electronically, anytime of day, any day of the week.

Special Update! Our remote deposit program is EVEN MORE AFFORDABLE! Be sure to talk to a Business Services banker today!

Enjoy business banking effortlessly from your office with eBusiness Deposit from Monroe Bank & Trust. You’ll scan checks from your desktop anytime for ultimate convenience. Checks scanned by 6:00 pm on any business day will immediately be deposited into your MBT Business Checking Account.

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  • Conveniently make deposits electronically 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.
  • Set up for single or multiple locations.
  • Prepare documents efficiently, save employee and management time, and reduce labor costs.
  • Reduce physical trips to the bank.Stringent security procedures and technology make for an extremely safe and secure way to deposit checks.
    Information is maintained for 45 days

Lockbox services

Turn your receivable payments into cash flow quicker with an MBT Lockbox Services. With this service, all payments are mailed to a P.O. Box we establish for your company.

  • Most payments are processed and deposited within hours of receipt.
  • Reduces float time and accelerates collection.

electronic check recovery

MBT partners with Checkmarc™1 to offer a simplified way of handling dishonored or returned checks deposited by business customers. This free service ensures faster settlement of funds and higher rates of collection.







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1 Services are offered through Checkmarc, a separate entity and not affiliated with Monroe Bank & Trust.  


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