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Additional Cash management solutions

business credit card

The MBT Business Credit Card offers you the ultimate in power and flexibility. This single card is perfect for travel, entertainment costs, procurement, fleet expenses, and more and provides you with detailed reporting.

> Business administrators managing multiple Visa Commercial Cards make payments here!

> Single cardholders make Visa Commercial Card payments here!

  • Low annual fee per card issued.
  • Define controls that restrict card use to specific types of purchases.
  • Set spending limits by department, division, or even individual employee, providing you with control over expenses.
  • Accepted worldwide.

Sweep services

Make the most of your business’ available capital. If your company carries excess cash in your primary business checking account, an MBT Sweep Account provides an option for turning these surplus funds into earnings. Our Sweep Accounts conveniently monitor your primary business checking account and transfer excess funds daily into an investment account to earn you interest, or into a line of credit, reducing your interest costs.


If your business receives or generates a high-volume of checks, you need to have high-level processing to ensure the control, information, audit reporting and account management capabilities available with MBT’s Account Reconciliation Services.

  • Partial List Service provides reports of all checks paid.
  • Full Reconciliation Service provides complete reconciliation of account, showing checks issued but not paid.
  • Reports are available either in hard copy format or electronically for easy uploading into your accounting system.
  • Available Check Imaging and CD-ROM services provide additional convenience.

positive pay

Protect your business from checking fraud with Positive Pay which automatically finds suspect items on your business check register and flags them for your review. You then decide which items to pay or return. This high-level of scrutiny and safety provides your business with the ultimate protection against checking fraud.

  • Protects your business from checking fraud.
  • MBT’s sophisticated system searches your provided check activity and highlights suspect transactions.
  • Convenient paper-free, electronic delivery.

ach filter

The increasing volume of ACH payments means an increased potential for ACH fraud. To help mitigate the risk, Monroe Bank & Trust offers ACH positive pay to their corporate clients. ACH Filter is an extension of traditional check positive pay but is focused on transactions that flow through the ACH system. 

You'll set up customized filters that allow you to block certain transactions. Parameters include blocking all incoming ACH debits or those over a predetermined dollar threshold. 

  • ACH Filter gives you the power to mitigate risk and monitor activity. 
  • ACH transactions presented for payment are scrutinized against the account’s ACH rules.
  • Receive email alerts for unauthorized ACH activity. You then decide to pay or return the item.

Investment products

Our accomplished team of investment experts will develop highly personalized solutions to meet the unique financial situation and needs of your business. With a diversified investment portfolio, you will have a powerful tool for building your future.

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